First base station performance with double the Range of any mobile antenna ever made.

Invisible – This Antenna design utilizes the rack on millions SUV’s with easy invisible horizontal mounting.

Hand made mobile half-wave dipole cut for the Citizen Band (11 meters)
Heavy duty constructed and weatherproof so it will last a long time.


This antenna works on all [racks] tops of SUV vehicles.

Power handling 1KW AM Max
50 ohms

Long Range Mobile CB Antenna
Range MASTER 1K Mobile CB Antenna

Model: WARACM1

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Power Handling 2000W PEP
Antenna Length Approx 16feet x 10inches
Antenna True Gain 2.15dBi
Effective Radiated Power @2.15dBi gain 12 watts in = 19.7W ERP
Antenna Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional
Element Material 14 AWG Marine copper insulated wire
Bandwidth 26.965 through 27.405MHz
Typical SWR 26.965 (ch1) = 1.3 or less
27.205 (ch 20) = 1.1 or less
27.405 (ch 40) = 1.3 or less

Range Master 5KW Mobile CB Antenna
Range MASTER 5KW Mobile CB Antenna

Made with #14 stranded wire, center insulator made of 3/4 pvc schedule 40 cap… and stainless steel connectors.
End tip insulator are pvc.
Have a teflon SO239 female connector to direct feed your coaxial line.
This dipole is fully assemble… ready to install with included kit on your mobile rack in an horizontal v configuration… always keep antenna as far away possible from power lines .
Antenna is cut and calibrate to the center frequency of the band… but some trimming maybe necessary depending on your location or if you want to use an specific channel.
Will ship the antenna USPS First Class

Note: Center insulator IS NOT A BALUN
Wire color maybe different that the one in the picture.
Available colors: black, Blue, Green

This item is made to order and will ship in 5 days

All WIRE Antennas are hand made one by one using only quality materials and calibrate to the best of performance under limitations.
Designed by WIRE Antennas
For maximum DX’ing on AM or SSB or local FM

First, please look at all pictures for helpful details and please read my entire listing. The bottom has GREAT information to maximize your radio station
The Half wave dipole has been considered one of the best all time antennas for both local and long distance DX contacts.
This 1/2 Wave dipole includes a built in custom built 1:1 current balun that isn’t just a wide banded universal multi band balun but optimized for the 11 meter CB band frequency area. The balun will handle 1000 watts without issue.

All Stainless steel hardware for many years of trouble free service. Stress reliefs on all stress points as you can see. Includes UV protected nylon dog-bone insulators. Standard but very high quality SO-239 connector to mate with your coax PL-259 coax connectors. The enclosure has a very small upward flowing air inlet hole with a tiny “weep hole” at the bottom ensuring condensation with temperature changes can always escape the system. Elements made with Marine 14 AWG tinned copper insulated wire can handle 2kW of power pep but also provide a nice thin/small footprint. Depending on my stock, insulators will either be black or gray.

The importance of a proper 1:1 current balun on a dipole;
A resonant half-wave dipole is typically fed with coaxial feedline and tuned to a specific area of a band. Its planned use is generally within that band. A popular misconception is because the dipole is resonant, or because the dipole feedline is small in diameter, a balun is not helpful. Current baluns isolate or add impedance to unwanted common-mode current paths, reducing or controlling common-mode current. Current baluns are the balun of choice in all but very specialized situations, because they work better than voltage baluns in most real-world systems. Basically, they ensure that the currents on each side of the dipole (balanced antenna) are perfectly even. This also stops unwanted currents from flowing on the outside of the coax (all coax is unbalanced line) and traveling back to your receiver.
This ensures a “clean” system without unwanted RFI issues.

How to deploy this antenna for maximum gain:

To achieve highest gain and Best operation 1/2 wave dipole should be mounted 1/2 wavelength or 17-20 feet high. This will give the RFthe best low angle radiation for long distance DX. It will work fine at lower heights but for highest gain 17-20 feet is best.
The center of the antenna has a stainless eye-bolt at the top for it to hang from a support. Pull each leg of the dipole straight out flat and secure by tying your cord/rope to the dog-bone insulators. If securing the antenna to objects like trees that will move in the wind be sure to use a cord material with some stretch. You can also leave just a bit of slack in the system.
As with ALL antennas, you should install them in an area as open as possible. Obstacles close to the antenna will have an affect on both the tune of the antenna and radiation pattern. You cannot mount this or any antenna up against walls and such.

Coax selection helpful hints/ tips:

Remember, all coax has losses. Losses in coax are equal in receive and transmit! A very good rule of thumb to maximize your radio station is to have 1dB of coax loss or less. Here is a small chart of popular coax sizes recommended depending on the coax length for the 11 meter band.

RG58 coax at 27MHz
25 feet has .495dB loss, 50 feet has 1dB loss (borderline), 100 feet has 1.98dB loss (not good at all)

RG8X coax at 27MHz
25 feet has .388dB loss, 50 feet has .776dB loss, 100 feet has 1.552dB loss (not good at 100 feet)

LMR400 coax at 27MHz
25 feet has .158dB loss, 50 feet has .316dB loss, 100 feet has .633dB and 150 feet has .949dB loss (great to 150 feet)

Here is what coax loss does to your system

Radio output power 100 watts for ease of calculation

50 feet of RG58 coax at 27MHz losses are 1dB so only 79.6 watts of the 100 hit the antenna.
Now if you used LMR400 coax at 50 feet the losses are only .316dB so of your 100watts out, now your antenna gets 93 watts of your 100. Much better right? A good coax system is very important!

Half-wave 11 meter band (CB Radio Band) dipole antenna with internal 1:1 . It measures approximately 16 feet, 10 inches in total length, which comes to 8 feet, 8.5 inches (8’ 8.5”) on each side. It is made from high quality 14 AWG stranded insulated wire. The center can be held up by rope or whatever you like from the eye-lit loop on top, and you can tie into the far ends of the wires with something non-conductive like nylon or hemp rope, etc. and then string it up stretched out horizontally. Stay away from sources of interference like power lines, etc. Your feed line with a male PL-259 connector easily screws into the SO-239 female connector on the bottom of the center piece. Color of wire insulation varies.